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Matt's Personal and Photographic Adventures

Wildhorse Basin Traverse - Trip Description:
wildhorse ridge photo
Looking into the Wildhorse Basin

The Wildhorse Traverse grew out of my personal obsession with ridgelines. I have traveled many sections of the proposed route, and the views are some of the most stunning in the state of Idaho. The dramatic mountainous backdrops are an ideal environment to create dramatic, action photographs.

The complete traverse is an attempt to circumnavigate the entire Wildhorse Creek drainage. The basin is ringed by some of the most dramatic, vertical faces in the Pioneer Mountains, including 12,006 Hyndman Peak.

There are two technical climbs on the route: The North Ridge of Goat Peak (2-3 pitches of 5.8 to 5.9) and the North Ridge of Old Hyndman Peak (1-2 pitches of 5.8 to 5.10). Both routes have been climbed before, but there is little available information on the challenges they present. The remainder of the ridge is comprise of easy class 3 scrambling, to unknown class 4 to 5 simul-climb ridge traversing.

The planned time frame is three days. The traverse will start and end at the Wildhorse Campground, and will follow a counter-clockwise direction. The first proposed camp is somewhere beyond the summit of Goat Peak. The second proposed camp is just shy of Brocky Peak. Both spots offer relative close access to water.

Please Contact Matt for more information about photography along the traverse.

Route Stastics:
  • Location - Pioneer Mountains, ID
  • Nearest Town - Sun Valley, ID,
  • Total Length - Approx 20 miles
  • Length above 11,000 feet - Approx 13 miles
  • Vertical Gain - Approx 13,750 (w/o dropping for water)
  • Major Peaks - 21 (all but 1 above 11,000)
  • Estimated Time - 3 Days
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