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About Matt Leidecker Photography

Inspiration can come in many forms: A wild river flowing through the heart of a rugged canyon; The first rays of light reflecting off a pristine snowfield; Pink alpenglow lighting up a row of granite spires. The inspiration for Matt Leidecker’s stunning images is rooted in the rugged wilderness of Central Idaho.

A longtime resident of Sun Valley, ID, Matt has spent much of his life working as a guide, photographer, and guidebook author in the wilds of Central Idaho. Matt’s thirst for adventure, knowledge of light, and desire to understand the landscape combine to produce a stunning collection of landscape images.

But photography is not only about capturing images of beautiful scenery. Photographs tell a story. They capture a moment that cannot be fully appreciated when immersed in the fluidity of life. That may be from an intimate wedding ceremony, the look on a child’s face during a portrait shoot, or the elegant line of a skier carving down a backcountry peak.

Matt has been capturing such moments as a photographer for nearly fifteen years. His enthusiasm for working with clients is rooted in more than twenty years of guiding in Idaho’s backcountry and his love of photography shines through in his stunning images. Matt has the energy, enthusiasm, photographic knowledge, and wilderness skill set necessary to capture any image with a camera.

Please peruse this site to learn more about Matt, his work, and his passion for photography.

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